Scan Technology

Document Management System for Digital Archives

Store, organize and index scanned documents in PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats. Instantly find relevant information using full text, tags and metadata based search

Feature Highlights

ScanDocx is free and open source software which means that transparency is the core values of our software development. Source code can be reviewed and improved by anyone from anywhere.
ScanDocx supports multiple users. Each user can be assigned different permissions to perform only a specific kind of action e.g. view only documents from a specific folder.
OCR technology is vital part of ScanDocx. It extracts text information from scanned documents, PDF, JPEG, TIFF files. Extracted text is then parsed and indexed to help you to quickly find any document based on its content.
Our simple and intuitive REST API empowers you to further extend ScanDocx capabilities to adjust your individual needs. With help of REST API you can import documents literally from anywhere.
Find any document just by typing a few words similarly to modern search engines. Besides text content you can instantly find any document based on its colored tags and rich metadata.
ScanDocx keeps versions of all changes you apply to your documents so that you never lose one bit of information. Documents are non-destructive. Original document version is always available.
ScanDocx is open source document management system powered by OCR technology

Long Term Storage of Digital Archives

Digital archives are documents whose content does not change in time. Digital archives are designated for long term storage. Example of digital archives are receipts, bills, invoices, medical records, contracts. Very common format for long term storage of the document is PDF. Here are four reasons why ScanDocx is ideal solution for long term storage of your digital archives

Perfect Digitization Solution

Instead of having piles of paper documents all over your desk, office or drawers – you can quickly scan them and configure your scanner to directly upload to ScanDocx Document Management System. ScanDocx enables your to go partially or fully digital. It will help you to reduce your paper clutter and keep your business organized. Electronic documents greatly increase velocity of your business.

Modern and Intuitive User Interface

Beautiful and easy to use modern web interface boosts your productivity and makes working with documents a pleasant experience.

Here are thee reasons why we think that you will love ScanDocx user interface:

Easy Scan Fixes with Page Management

Many times scanning documents in bulk results in documents with blank, rotated or out of order pages. Even if you notice these flaws immediately it is time consuming and frustrating to redo scanning process. Wouldn’t it be nice to fix out of order pages without re-scanning?

Page management is set of features which helps to fix scanning process errors. In other words you can delete, reorder, rotate, and extract pages within document(s).

The best part is that while you will perform above action(s), intermediate document versions are saved – which means, whatever you do you will never lose one bit of information!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to use any of those terms. We prefer “ScanDocx” or “ScanDocx DMS”. The “DMS” is an abbreviation form “Document Management System”.

Yes! ScanDocx is free and open source software. All source code is available on Github, in ScanDocx Organization

All Papermerge source code is licensed with very liberal Apache 2.0 license .
Yes! Just make sure you preserve the copyright and license notices as required by Apache 2.0 license .
Yes! Apache 2.0 license is very liberal and allows you to use modified source code in your commercial solution. Just make sure you still preserve copyright and license notice.

Nextcloud is general purpose cloud storage solution for all file formats: video, audio, text, documents etc. ScanDocx  on the other hand is specialized for scanned documents only (a.k.s. digital archives) i.e. Papermerge works only with files of PDF files, JPEG and TIFF formats.

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